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Re: Part from a broken m4/3 camera

Well, I'm not sure if I was feeling brave or just plain stupid but I removed the 4 screws and took the ring off the body to see what else came off and look for any further damage. It looked like just the outer ring was bent so I took it out to the garage, gave it a few gentle taps with the hammer and bingo it has fitted back almost perfectly flat!
I used the 12-50 (metal mount) to check the fit and it slid into place as snuggly as it ever did.
Sorry Jim, I didn't take any shots beforehand, but will take some to show how twisted the baseplate and tripod mount are; I think these are well beyond my new found blacksmith skills
I hope this hasn't made the engineers (I know there are a few on here) cringe too much!
I would still like a lens mount without hammer marks by the way

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