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Re: DP Review of E-M5 Mark II

I think it's a fair review. The E-M5ii is probably the best u43 camera about (give or take the E-M1) and the u43 system is certainly the most complete mirrorless system in the market (by quite a margin). So, does that make it the best mirrorless camera available? I think for anyone who wants to build a system, then the answer is yes. Neither Sony nor Samsung are anywhere near and Fuji glass is still looking expensive, bulky and lacking good long fast lenses.

However, if you're looking for a camera in isolation, then the AF and IQ on the Samsung and Sony a6000 are certainly likely to give the E-M5ii a very strong run for its money.

I think Oly will need to give the E-M1ii a big step up in AF performance and probably a lift in sensor resolution and noise to remain truly competitive.
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