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Re: Gimbal head advice & experience

Many thanks to everyone for their thoughts so far: plenty to ponder!

Originally Posted by Melaka View Post
In many South African parks self drive is a viable option and has the huge advantage that you don't have to bother about what anyone else wants to do. You may not get quite the height of eye that the rear row of a nine seater gives you but the freedom more than compensates. We're doing a week self drive with a friend in the Kruger in February - three in the car is ideal and I don't have to drive which simplifies photography.

I sometimes use a bean bag but more often than not leaning against a door pillar (engine off) does the trick. I take a monopod but afterwards always wonder why.
Yes, for a variety of reasons we're not going back to the Kruger next June (on the SA part of the trip we're going to Madikwe, as a bit of an experiment - the landscape photo opportunities look excellent and more varied than the Kruger, but the wildlife remains to be seen!), but we shall go back there in the future and will certainly then try self-drive.

I would however recommend people have their first trip (or maybe a first game drive or two on their first trip) with a vehicle and guide so you can learn the ropes.
I've spoken to several people who did self-driving in the Kruger first, who subsequently found a couple of days staying at a good lodge and going on guided drives a complete revelation in terms of how much wildlife they saw and understanding its behavior. It does need to be a good lodge, though.

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