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Re: Gimbal head advice & experience

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
In South Africa open landrovers seem to be the norm, and to use a beanbag on one of those you either have to be lucky with positioning of a support at the right height near your seat, or else have a double-jointed spine! Actually a closed-up monopod is quite useful and flexible on these vehicles and I've done this in the past with reasonable success, but I've seen people using a manfrotto clamp clipped to the edge of the vehicle or a seat-back with a gimbal head attached to that.
In many South African parks self drive is a viable option and has the huge advantage that you don't have to bother about what anyone else wants to do. You may not get quite the height of eye that the rear row of a nine seater gives you but the freedom more than compensates. We're doing a week self drive with a friend in the Kruger in February - three in the car is ideal and I don't have to drive which simplifies photography.

I sometimes use a bean bag but more often than not leaning against a door pillar (engine off) does the trick. I take a monopod but afterwards always wonder why.

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