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Re: ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300mm 1:2.8

I bought mine from SRS two years ago and it had languished on their website for at least a couple of months, indicating that lenses at this price/quality do not sell quickly. Mine was cosmetically damaged and certainly not in such good nick as Sapper's but I paid rather less for it in consequence. I think 3k is a very good price for what is on offer and the purchaser won't regret the expenditure. I also have the 90-250 (ex Woofmix) and I know which one I shall keep if push were to come to shove.

In old money it's a 600mm f2.8 and there never was such a lens available to ordinary mortals. Put the EC14 on and you've got an 850mm f4. Can Canikon match that or indeed come anywhere near?

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