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Gave my old E-510 an airing

I had to attend a one-year old's birthday party yesterday and was expected to take some family photos. I decided to leave my E-30 and 50-200 SWD at home in case they ended up with too much jelly and sticky finger marks on them. I haven't used the E-510 for about a year and a few things about it really struck me.

1. With the 40-150 lens on it is so light, compared to my usual kit. No wonder my shoulder often aches on a Monday.

2. The viewfinder is tiny. I was having real problems trying to read the info as I shot and had to keep changing my eye position to see it.

3. I really missed the second control wheel. It seemed a lot more fiddly to change the Exposure Compensation than on the E-30.

4. The shutter on the E-510 is MUCH quieter. My E-30 makes a really loud 'clack' when I take a shot and the difference amazed me.

5. The IQ of the E-510 and 40-150 is still extremely good and the combination was perfect for unobtrusive party snapshots.

It is good to know that is still a role for my old faithful.

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