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Re: My Last Craft Fair

Originally Posted by PaulE View Post
Yep I think you've hit the nail on the head there Stephen everyone has a camera ... and ... I have done quite a bit of commissioned macro / product photography for a few specialist online shops run by friends I've still not really sold one photograph.

I do occaisionally give some away the odd photo to family + friends who have seen those few I do print and ask for a copy and each time ... .
The photos most people take (from compact or phone cam) have sent me (last Christmas lots) mainly printed on Tesco or Photobox are DARNED AWFUL ! as IF I want their family Mug shots about my house over Christmas - I shredded them and next doors Guinea pigs enjoyed the warmth from the cards

I no longer give away cards to family or friends - I might add and extra one for FREE.

I have to ask when did a friend or family "give your their work for FREE?" If they did then thats great - but if not - remember ! ... I offer them a pack of 5 or 10 for 's ...

and I cultivate repeat customers in our village and other villages nearby - and it makes "a Pension Contribution" a week - they do come to our door - we have a Trusty box or welcome them if we are in - its worth that
I Lurve Walking in our Glorious Countryside; Photography;
Riding Ducati Motorbikes; Reading & Cooking ! ...

the ONE photo album
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