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Re: My Last Craft Fair

Sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you John but I'll bet that the lack of sales has nothing to do with the photos themselves...

A few weeks ago I found myself in Ludlow and there happened to be a craft fair on in the college, with a bit of time to kill I thought I might as well have a look around. It was absolutely heaving with people inside, mainly due to the medieval festival that was on at the castle that day I would think. I picked my way through the crowds trying to get around it as quick as possible as the vast majority of stalls did not appeal to me in the slightest and I was beginning to feel like a sheep being herded around. I then came across a photographer set up in one corner and so I stopped and spent a few mins looking, as I'm sure most of us in here would do. The photos were mainly of the locality and to me seemed much better than the average snapshots. The oldish chap had obviously spent alot of time building his collection and had made the effort to do early mornings etc - in short he knew what he was doing and wasn't a 5minute wonder who had just bought his first SLR and thought he was David Bailey. His prices seemed very reasonable to me - infact I'm not really sure how he would be making any profit on them given the time that had gone into taking, printing, mounting and framing them all but in the 15mins I was looking I didn't see him make one sale - not even one small photo postcard. I would have guessed that at least 100 people, maybe more, had walked past in the time I was there with maybe 1 in 4 actually giving the stall more than a passing glance and of them only a handful actually stopped to have a good look at the photos.

TBH I felt pretty bad for the guy he'd clearly put alot of time, effort and money into it and I would guess with that being the busiest weekend of the year in that town it should have been his best ever chance to reap the reward for his efforts. I eventually left feeling a bit embarrassed that I spent all that time looking but did not buy anything. All the way home I couldn't help but to keep thinking about how similar your experience sounded from your previous posts on the subject John - I guess this same story is repeated at nearly every craft fair in the country...
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