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Re: Olympus presence at Focus on Imaging

Originally Posted by MartinF View Post
... my limited experience with electronic viewfinders is not encouraging, slightly jumpy, false looking images. They will get better, but until then, please Olympus, keep the real 4/3 flag flying.
I agree what you see through the VF2 isn't an accurate representation of how the image recorded on the card will look in terms of colour and contrast, but it does show the full frame, it's fully visible wearing glasses, you can alter the angle, and it's great in poor light and for macro work especially for manual focussing at 14x.

Yes, motion's a bit jumpy.

You just have to have faith that the camera will produce a fair representation of the actual scene! Raw is best, therefore, and you need to check the histogram and keep the exposure up to minimise noise.

m4/3 has got a really LOOOOONG way to go in focusing speed and low-light ability (especially continuous focus of fast-moving subjects - IMHO it's b. useless for that, although I haven't tried the new Panasonic body) so I don't think any semi-pro offering this year will be much of an upgrade (except possibly of my E-PL1). Focussing of the 20mm Panny's quite good, but my experience with the kit, 14-140 and -150 zooms is a bit of a joke. Manual focus is great, though, and it's like a return to my OM-1!

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