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Re: If Sensor Size Doesn't Matter, Why Buy a Bigger One?

Agree with all of that, however...

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
- Larger sensors (given similar technology) yield lower noise. The difference will be about 2 stops (for regular photo use rather than astro where things change). So, you'll get the same noise shooting on FF at ISO 3200 as you would on m43 at ISO 800, all other things equal. Sometimes that won't matter. Other times it will. Depends on what you're shooting, how much you're cropping, what the final output medium is, what the lighting is like (poor lighting will generally make noise worse even when exposed correctly), ...
If you are actually after a specific and quite large depth of field, such as for wildlife photography, you often end up stopping down the FF, so you may lose one of those ISO stops right away.

Furthermore, in real life this isn't just about image quality, is it? FF fanboys conveniently ignore everything else, of course

So, I don't think anyone has yet mentioned the improved IS systems of smaller sensor cameras, allowing handholding of wide angle lenses for ridiculously long exposures, and doing away with tripods/gimbals/monopods for long telephotos, aiding maneuverability.

A friend of mine does a lot of semi-pro low-light concert & stage photography to a very high standard, and currently shoots both a Canon 1DX mkii and an E-M1ii. He's been toying with the idea of switching entirely to Sony and has been testing various combinations of bodies & lenses from the 3 manufacturers, with the conclusion so far that there is still no outright winner. He hasn't yet tried the A7Riv, but everything else available from all 3 manufacturers wins on some swings and loses on other roundabouts.

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