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Re: If Sensor Size Doesn't Matter, Why Buy a Bigger One?

As Wornish has said, the size and weight of lenses is an important factor, especially for tele-lenses.

There are, however, other factors that can enhance smaller lens designs. Most MFT lenses are 'telecentric', which mean that the rear element is as large as the sensor and allows all the light rays to strike the sensor at a perpendicular angle. This feature improves image quality at the edges, especially for wide-angle lenses. Some old lenses for film cameras perform very poorly on digital sensors because the light rays are oblique.

It is also possible to use different construction techniques for smaller lenses. The lenses used in phone cameras often exploit the possibility of using extremely aspherical designs which enables these lenses to provide higher resolution than is feasible for lenses that cover large sensors.

Already, many sensors have sufficient pixels to out-resolve lenses for their format.

There is an article by Zeiss which explains these aspects and shows some designs for phone lenses. Download from:
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