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Re: EC-14 for Walkabout

Originally Posted by Pjphoto59 View Post
Many thanks for that comment, which is really what I wanted to hear!

My only previous experience with teleconvertors was with a 2X that I used with OM film cameras. I used it with the 65-200 f4, which made it a 130-400 f8, which was not very usable, with little scope for stopping down. I would think the ec20 best used with f2.0 glass.

I read a good deal about diffraction elsewhere, and I believe it can be related to pixel size. I think a practical diffraction limit for E1 is f16, for 8MP E300/E500 f13, and for 10MP E3, E410, f11.
It really depends on what you define as a 'limit'. It's all relative

Even at f/32 (with an EC-14 converter attached) you will probably get better resolution and sharpness than an average point and shoot compact camera, for example. But certainly at f/16, even on an E-1, resolution will be well below the peak.

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