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Re: EC-14 for Walkabout

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you will get a max aperture of 4.9 with the ec14 and the 2.8/3.5 lenses

personally I feel I can almost ignore the ec14 when it's in use where I have to think about the ec20 even wide open!

the 510 (and 3) seem more than happy to focus the 3.5s with the ec20 and the 5.6s with the ec14

Ian raises a good point about diffraction - but I would hate to think it was significant below an effective f11 in any circumstances
I think it comes back to the settings used with the E3. My failures were nearly always due to the fact that I still tried to control the ISO manually.
I have changed this to Auto ISO and set the max ISO to 1000. The reason for this is that, to maintain the aperature to a minimum of f8, the ISO values varied significantly shot to shot. Particularly shooting into shade and in the open. I am using the front wheel to control exposure and the rear wheel to control shutter speed. This combination seems to work better. I would be interested in comments about these settings.

The images seem softer than when using the 70-300 lens alone but can be sharpened up in PP quite well. AF tends to be less responsive in the shadows and has, on occasion caused me to miss what could have been good shots. Focussing tends to hunt a lot in these conditions despite being centre spot small.

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