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Re: LCE em1x

Originally Posted by Bengeo View Post
This is probably a better comparison:,649
I agree Andy and I was going to use the D5 for comparison but it is an 'SLR' and not mirrorless so went with the Z6 instead.

I have seen the D5, it's a "bloody monster" therefore when we compare the em1x to it it really puts things into perspective .... the em1x is WAY too big for a camera with a sensor one quarter the size of the D5.

Compared to the Z6, a 35mm full frame mirrorless, the em1x is unfortunately "positively ridiculous". I am sure it's a great camera in many ways and yes Andy Rouse is using one but wasn't the whole idea of mirrorless to produce much smaller cameras, I mean even the mirrorless medium format Fuji GFX50r and the Hasselblad x1d are considerably smaller.,805,678

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