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Re: Exposure Latitude

Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post
It could be down to the fact that smaller formats are magnified more when viewed. Edges are under less critical scrutiny, when using larger formats, and this could give an illusion of better gradation towards the ends of the exposure range.

In the case of film, there is also the effect of 'halation', where light spreads a little by diffusion in the emulsion. There is a similar 'leakage' between pixels on digital sensors. Again, this will cause more image degradation in smaller formats and, hence, could favour the gradation in the larger format image.

These are just some thoughts 'off the top of my head' and I have no experimental data to support them.
Halation is a bonus, just love the glow it produces. In fact I have been reading far and wide seeking a film stock with the crapiest anti-halation layer known. I'm led to understand that CineStill 800 is one to try.

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