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Re: Babs's

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
3:2, so am I right to assume this is the Leica kit in action?

How do you think it compare to the Olympus kit you had (you were in the process of trading it in for a Leica lens, IIRC)?
Yes, it's the Leica, I still find the 4:3 format to be the most pleasing and crop when necessary. The camera only offers one format and that's 3:2 which I can find a bit long and skinny, especially for portraits.

As for how I think it compares.......I could go on at length, but I wont.

Leica CL/18-56...Superb, I'm loving it. Simplicity itself, something that Fred Flintstone would love and understand. It just takes pictures, b****y good pictures, tis a joy to take out and use.
No IS, there's a novelty, but I can set a minimum shutter speed.....back to basics and it works.

I'm eagerly awaiting the Leica 55-135, PX'd all my Oly gear for it as you say.

With the price of the Lenses, two will have to be my lot....28-84 and old money.

It's very difficult to compare directly....Oly, technical wizardry with all the bells and whistles.

Leica, simplicity, tradition with no bells and whistles.

SOOC JPG's are a dream and something I have noticed is that in A,S or P mode the camera seems to retains base ISO(100) for far longer than my Oly did, but this is where it starts to loose me.

It's the simplicity I love.
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