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Re: My latest foray into FF mirrorless - and why I'm sticking with m43

Originally Posted by Greytop View Post
As you know Paul, I've been doing a similar exercise recently and came to the same conclusion.
I would add the very high quality and vast range of glass available to micro 4/3rds users as another positive.
My experience with other systems has not been so glowing from that point of view.
That's so true Huw. Looking at just the standard zoom options in Sony FE, the choice is either one of two pretty poor lenses (28-70 f3.5-5.6 and 24-70 f4), the stellar but huge and expensive 24-70 f2.8 or the expensive-for-what-it-is 24-105 (almost 2x the price of an equivalent Canon).

To get even a half-decent 3-lens f4 zoom kit covering 16-200 with Sony, you'd be into this:

- 24-105 f4 - 1200
- 16-35 f4 - 1050
- 70-200 f4 - 1150

That's pushing 3.5k for three f4 zoom lenses. If you want f2.8 variants you'd be nearer 5.5k.

Things are better in Nikon Z standard zooms, but looking at tele zooms, there's no 70-200 native lens (so adapted F mount only) and the only one on the Z roadmap is an f2.8 which will certainly be huge and expensive.
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