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Re: A Wish List for Mr Watanabe.

I think Olympus need to get a grip of the grips. Is it beyond the wit of man to have one battery grip that will fit several models? Personally I preferred the grip with the E1 to that with the E3/30. Although you needed a different battery it had a better capacity than two standard batteries and the whole thing was just that bit smaller amd more manageable. I guess you'd need one grip for cameras that take the small battery (E4xx, 6xx) and another for those that take the larger one. Several E5xx users report having bought third party grips so there must be a worthwhile market there. I have a grip on the E3 all the time and would do for the E510 if there was an Olympus one or a third party offering to Olympus build standards.

The XD card slot is certainly of little value but now that CF cards have such huge capacity and its not expensive to carry several with you, I wonder if a second slot is a good use of space. However few laptops seem to have a built in CF slot and being able to use a card that will slot straight into a laptop has its advantages. I use a PCMCIA CF reader but the transfer rate is Mb/week rather than Mb/second.

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