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Re: My new Pen F

Originally Posted by davy59 View Post
Hi Guys!,

I hope you are all enjoying the Pen F as much as I am? Lovely camera and great fun too!

However one issue I am not sure about is the Creative Settings, I was under the impression that you can creative your own set of pre-sets and save the setting to access again?? In the main menu it looks like you can do this but I have tried saving them but they are never there when I access them again and the colour creator has been reset! Even using the top dial to access CR1 or CR2 does not retrieve them. The setting was not saved.

Or have I misunderstood this function?? The most likely answer!

Can anyone help or point me at a review tutorial on the internet showing me how to do it?

By the way has anyone found their Pen F viewfinder shutting down in hot weather? I found this constantly happening in Greece last month but so far it has never happened (yet) in the UK!


When the viewfinder shuts down, does the screen then show the scene that you were composing? I had that problem when trying the camera when the sun was in my back around the 5 o'clock position. The eye detection sensor gets fooled by the sunlight hitting it and thinks your eye is no longer there.

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