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Old 5th February 2016
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Health update.

I mentioned my troubles earlier in Zuiko's thread " Having my portrait taken tomorrow" but thought it better not to intrude anymore.....

A quick reminder......
Yes I was very moment in middle lane then almighty noise and car was side on being pushed along slow lane by a kept slamming into me as its brakes were coming on and off all the time...i was just waiting for my car to turn over but we both came to a halt safely.
Had to declare to DLVA I had passed out and waiting to see how long I have to keep off the roads.Cant get out to take any pics unless on the bus.

I have now had a Brain test...MRI scan and 48hour Cardiac tape - all in January and have to see the consultant when he has looked at all the results in March.

Good news...bad news....
I am now returning to work at a closer unit ( on 2 trains) part time with lighter duties....only a 1/3rd of the money but Twice the SSP.

Had to tell the DVLA what had happened and knew it would be a minimum of 6 months without a licence but they are saying it has to be 12 months....its going to be a long Summer and Autumn.

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Now also 4 items from the dark side...........
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