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Re: Business Economics

I had a further look at my Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder this morning. It's model DMR-EX86EB. 13 months old.

To those who didn't believe me about system updates, I did some delving. Buried in the menus under "Set Up" are two items. #1: "System update on standby" and #2 "Search for Software update". I've now turned off #1. I tried #2, and it couldn't find anything. Doesn't mean it hasn't been quietly updating in the background whilst turned off.

Among other issues that have developed with it in the last few weeks, the VEIRA function no longer works. I've tried everything I can think of, including a hard reset. It remains intransigent. I've decided to ring Panasonic this afternoon and see if I can talk to their service department - clearly talking to Hughes would be a waste of time.

Incidentally, I also looked at my old blown-up one. It's a DMR-EX773. (=EX83) All it does is play what's already on the HDD. Nothing else works. If you try to return from the replay "Navigator" function, it turns off. It's about 4 years old. Wonderful quality - NOT! I downloaded the service manual. This fault? It doesn't exist......

Panasonic used to make good quality electronics. Once. Would I buy another Panasonic? Is the Pope a Buddhist?

UPDATE: After a long conversation by phone with Panasonic, in which their young lady talked me through a factory reset, she concluded that my EX86 is indeed screwed up, and has authorised a repair under warranty (although it's a month out of warranty now). I'll have to take it into Norwich to the nearest Panasonic repair depot. Proves it's worth pursuing it when you have a problem like this!
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