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Re: EP2 or EP3

Originally Posted by shirley View Post
Hi John,
How did the interview go and has the camera arrived yet?
I have just sold my 7-14 lens so I could be buying something soon Still not finally decided, I think I need to handle a few cameras and see what I like. I may take a trip to SRS in Watford, I think they have a good selection of Olympus cameras.....probably end up with an E3/E5 after all this.
Hi Shirley,

The interview went well, I think, but whether it went well enough to get the job is another matter. I should hear by Monday. I must admit I really want this job and not just for the money. It's with an organization which specializes in making participation in the arts possible for disabled and socially excluded people. They are nearing the completion of a 6.2 million re-development which will make their premises state of the art (no pun intended). The role I have applied for is as support worker to the Chief Executive and a project worker, both of whom have disabilities. I am genuinely excited by this opportunity and really hope I have made the right impression to become the lucky candidate. I feel I'm now in the right frame of mind and my medication is stable enough for me to cope with 3 days a week.

Anyone interested can visit their website here

I had hoped to pick up my camera today, from Cameraworld in Chelmsford who were getting a twin lens kit sent over from their London branch. However, the muppets in London sent an E-PL3 in error! Still, it wasn't a wasted trip as I collected the first 24 pictures for my exhibition from the framers on Chelmsford Market. These were all 15 or 16 inch prints, mounted, framed and glazed for 230. A bit of a bargain, I feel, and they've done a lovely job. Just another 16 to go! I have to go to Chelmsford again on Saturday so I'm hoping the correct Pen will have arrived at Cameraworld by then.

I agree that a visit to SRS for a hands-on is a good starting point, Shirley, you don't need me to tell you the importance of handling. I would love an E-5 but looking at the long-term practicallity of my situation the Pen is more suitable and it's lightweight portability will help keep me mobile for longer. You definitely won't want to carry an E-5 in your handbag, though!

Let us know what you get.

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