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Re: EP2 or EP3

Originally Posted by DJMC View Post
The Leica 14-150 FT lens I've bought (for my E-1) should arrive today or tomorrow. I've a feeling it will be as unwieldy on the E-PL1 as the 70-300 was but I'll give it a go!

I wondered yesterday if someone produced a screw-on grip for the E-PL1 to give more stability when using larger FT lenses. Seems like a no-brainer to me?

All I could find was this DIY jobby:

But then there's the problem of the shutter button becoming unreachable and as the PL1 doesn't do remote shutter release a plug in 2nd shutter button, as in add-on 3rd party battery grips, that's no good either.

I know... when I want to use a big lens, I'll use a big body!

The 14-150 Leica is very similar in size to a 14-54 and is not unwieldy at all. It's a brilliant lens.

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