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Re: RM-CB1 Remote Control

I understand what you guys are saying but in all honesty I think the price differential is unbelievable. It is a simple switch mechanism housed in a plastic casing - there are no complex electronics to it. I can understand the pricing rationale regarding entry level to pro level cameras and similarly lenses but a factor of 1:30 is mind boggling regarding the remote switch. I'd be the first to admit that the cheap one is too cheap - I calculated that the postage alone was 0.56 of the 2.90 - and I don't know how they can make them for that money. I'd say that if Olympus were charging say 25 for this it would be a reasonable price from both sides point of view ie the consumer and the provider. The Canon RS 60E3 seems to be priced at 24.99 but can actually be had from Amazon at 8.50.

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