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Re: RM-CB1 Remote Control

Originally Posted by StephenL View Post
I agree, but my (extensive and expensive) experience of remotes is that some 3rd party ones will work perfectly, some will work for a while, and some will never work. Genuine Olympus ones just work and work. But they are overpriced.
I purchased a cheapie from Hong Kong for my E-30 off Ebay but it needed a bit of filing to make it work smoothly. Although these cheap versions do the job they just don't have the feel for the genuine item. You get what you pay for. When the plug on my RM-CB1 fell apart Olympus replaced the whole remote control at no charge even though it was years out of warranty. You also have to be careful with RM-CB1 clones as some of them don't fit the camera socket properly and they push the socket into the body of the camera.

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