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Re: Four Thirds Lenses v Micro Four Thirds

Thanks for your advice and comments. I'm inclined towards Stephen's advice as I think we often look for the ultimate when less than the ultimate satisfies the need - I especially like not having to hump a big dSLR kit around and feel a lot more creative with a smaller camera. That will probably be the case for me - stick with MFT lenses - as long as I can print 12x18 and upload to the libraries then thats probably all I need....however if the results from four thirds format are stunning in terms of IQ when compared to MFT then the full size lens may well be worth it. Now is not a bad time to sit it out and wait for new MFT lenses as there seems to be a few in the pipeline. The 12mm will probably be my first objective for landscape followed by the 75-300 for shooting the dog.

One last question if I may....although functionality i.e. focussing speed is better with Four Thirds, does it follow that IQ is better too?
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