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Re: Four Thirds Lenses v Micro Four Thirds

Well Olympus 4/3'rds lenses are well known for their quality - and that applies for all the HG and SHG lenses, and for most of th SG lenses. The m4/3'rds lenses are regarded as good - but Olympus has only just started to populate the HG end of the range.

But it's not that simple, 4/3'rds lenses will give the same high performance on a PEN or OM-D as they do on a native body. But there are restrictions on focus speed, they focus a bit slower than they would on a 4/3'rds camera and are restricted to S-AF or MF.

I'd suggest it depends what you are shooting - landscapes/portrait etc then choose the best out of the combined range for the job/pocket. Sport/nature/action then the m4/3'rds will probably suit you better (particularly at longer lengths) as they are optimised for the focus method of the cameras.

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