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Re: Panasonic 100-400

Originally Posted by Thomas Westhead View Post
Hello All,

Just a quick question on this particular model of lens have the problem issues that were initially present in particular with the focusing, zoom etc been resolved on more recent stock?

It has been out a good while now 18 months at least, so I would like to think that any new stock is now issue free.

I read of some owners sending theirs back then being issued with replacements from Panasonic.

I was always put off buying one of these by the bad/mixed reports of what would be a superb lens for birding etc.
Hi Thomas,

In my household we have both the 100-400 Panasonic and the 300 m.Zuiko

The 100-400 is not mine however I have used/borrowed it at several occasions. The lens is half a year old or so hence is probably qualifies as being of "recent stock". Key takeaways:
- Very light (main reason for buying it as its owner prioritizes portability)
- IQ is very good, softens a bit at the long end.
- Lens feels well built, nice finish
- Focusing ring is smooth
- Zoom ring is a tad stiff for my liking. Not an issue, though.
- 100-400 is useful and opens for additional application areas than dedicated birding photography.
- Good price/performance
- 6 months use so far without any issues

PS lens has been used with E-M1 body, meaning that the lens OIS cannot be taken advantage of at same time as the camera IBIS.

Hope this helps

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