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Re: A Little Beauty

Originally Posted by art frames View Post
Sorry Nick, I meant no offense. I enjoy pretty things too.

I think my thoughts are probably just as much about where I am in my own work. There are many butterflies I still photograph because I find them beautiful, amazing and my heart is touched. I enjoy that and it is therefore good for me - and an end in itself.

But when I share them with others - is that still enough? How do I convey what I see to others. I have tried to capture the more unusual moments and increase the photographic skill level. But what makes a nature shot perfect? When I look at the 'experts' who get published, what more do they have in their work...

In your work I do feel you have an insight and a story to tell. The coots and heron will probably show that much more for me.

I was in my own way encouraging you to do more of that (and then to post those as perfection). Which they are to me.

No offence was taken, I'd hoped I'd expressed myself in such a way as to show that. But words, sometimes they run away with meanings of their own.

And yes I took it as encouragement.

I photograph animals doing things because I like to see, and share my wonder at, what they do. There is a privilege in seeing life innocent of human rationalisation. Somehow it puts us in perspective. As for an agenda, well mostly I just want people to see and enjoy what's at the end of their street, after all it came as a revelation to me.

People often misjudge the urban environment, but where I live is typical inner town, the houses have been established since before 1900, there are probably more trees and bushes per square mile than in much of the countryside. Much of our native wildlife has made the migration to the town, in many ways a much richer and more varied environment than much of the countryside.

As for meaning, well wonder is a meaning and can be brought about by a variety forms of art. If a specimen style photograph (say one of your butterflies) opens someone's eyes to the 'beauty' and variety there to be seen, if it encourages someone's interest by allowing them to identify a species, then surely that too is a meaning.

I'm trying to be a promiscuous photographer, if it's there I'll try to find an image, if I lay my hands on a lens I'll try to make it work for me. At the very least each attempt teaches me something, that too is surely a reason or meaning.
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