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Re: A Little Beauty

Originally Posted by Nick Temple-Fry View Post

But there is nothing wrong with a bit of 'pretty', nor do I think that you suggested there was.

I may as well photograph flowers whilst I wait for the unexpected.

Sorry Nick, I meant no offense. I enjoy pretty things too.

I think my thoughts are probably just as much about where I am in my own work. There are many butterflies I still photograph because I find them beautiful, amazing and my heart is touched. I enjoy that and it is therefore good for me - and an end in itself.

But when I share them with others - is that still enough? How do I convey what I see to others. I have tried to capture the more unusual moments and increase the photographic skill level. But what makes a nature shot perfect? When I look at the 'experts' who get published, what more do they have in their work...

In your work I do feel you have an insight and a story to tell. The coots and heron will probably show that much more for me.

I was in my own way encouraging you to do more of that (and then to post those as perfection). Which they are to me.

Peter (Art Frames)

You can see some of my things on Flickr
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