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Re: Friend or foe for olympus?

Originally Posted by throt View Post
actually I was thinking (getting off topic a bit but I hope you will forgive me). Roughly there are 2 types of photographers - 1 who care about quality and Mpix count is not always the main concern. 2 people who think they can photograph if given any camera with huge amount of Mpix. IMHO the 2nd segment is a bit strange - they go for Mpix but upload the images to facebook or any other social environment so generally even 5Mpix would be enough as the images will be downscaled anyways. Even more this segment often even don't notice the images being out of focus. So taking this into account in reality they don't need those 16-24Mpix sensors. But they know that more is better. But in reality it is waste of resources to use those sensors for them. If to use good algorithm then it is possible to upscale a image without basic user even noticing. So when you upscale 40%, you get 20Mpix out from 10 and 31 out from 16. Why camera manufacturer need to say that we have imaging sensor XX Mpix while they can say say that images are upto yy Mpix.
There's a 3rd group who don't give a sh1t about image quality, in fact they seem to promote the inverse, eg followers of Provoke.
Making photos with less detail makes the viewer work harder, and by doing so keeps their eye engaged for longer (content is key, of course).

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