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Re: Diesel Engine Runaway

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
My only experience with a dodgy diesel was with my boat. I motored to my mooring, tied up switched off the engine and cracked open a beer with my neighboring boat.

To my surprise, the old Bukh 20 just started all by itself. Must have been a fault in the control panel I guess. And it was reving quite high. I tried the Stop solenoid to no effect, panic was setting in a little now...Next I tried cutting off the air supply at the air filter to no effect.

My last and only solution was to get at the back of the engine, (two hatches and liferaft removal), and cut the fuel supply. I undid the fuel line just before the fuel bowl.

I then waited for 15 minutes whilst the engine used up the fuel bowl's worth of diesel.....Now that is economical or what.....

All fixed now, and the boat is up for sale/sail.....
In correct procedure. You should have sunk the boat!

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