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Re: A nice boost for u43 from Sharp

Originally Posted by Internaut View Post
Let’s see what kind of sensor Sharp come up with, and how much they’re prepared to sell it for. Like most of the other manufacturers, Olympus don’t make thier own sensors. A spectacular high res sensor, that Olympus can buy, is surely THE dream for any gear headed Olyphile?
Not for this one.

Those doing mainly landscape and studio imaging might want more resolution (and those that do actually print above, say, 12 x 16” might indeed see some resulting improvement...), but those of us shooting things that move in lowish light would happily stick at 20Mp but dream of another stop of signal to noise ratio.

It depends what you shoot. Currently, care in exposure and knowledgable processing is needed especially above ISO1600, and this corresponds to the beginning of the ISO range you need to use the 300 Pro in typical U.K. cloudy conditions and at the beginning and end of the day, while keeping the shutter speed high enough to freeze subject movement. Eg to get critically sharp feather detail in birds in flight you need 1/2000 at least. The latest FF bodies are notably better in this key area, as long as you can manage the cost and weight, while in any decent light the latest m4/3 sensors are perfectly OK.

ISO3200 is about the m4/3 sports and wildlife limit for anything beyond social media, while an extra stop would give improvement where it would really help.

However, I’m not holding my breath - the interwebs are still on a marketing-led Mp kick.

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