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Where to host files for controlled sharing?

For the last 6 or 7 years I have been using the Easily web hosting and Domain name service to share pictures and data for invited people to see.
I have been paying a yearly sum for the space and domain name.
Sometimes the pictures are shared via a forum reference sometimes by invitation in an email.

This was great untill earlier this year when Easily decided to break it better.
The service is now too clever for me, they are aiming to be a full website hosting service. Which is a laudable objective however they have made it difficult or impossible for me to use it as before.

The frustrating thing is that they introduced the changes to the service without warning so I am now stranded between the old and the new processes.

My question is - where to go to now to have my images hosted. I have fought shy of the big sites eg Flickr because the images are so open (however they are probably lost in plain sight because of the volume of images), I do need to display panorama images that are based in HTML pages.

So any suggestions please.
This space for rent
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