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Re: Why the E-M5 III is running so late?

Yes, I read that article last night myself. Interesting.

I'm sort of surprised that the cost of manufacturing is that much different between China and Vietnam though. Given the cost of the relocation it would have to be a huge difference. Taking the interviewer's analysis at face value, it seems that the relocation cost isn't just the cost of moving the factory (with all the retraining costs etc), but should also include lost opportunity and market share since it's clear to me that the E-M5ii is by competitor standards some way behind the curve now.

Maybe it'll all work out OK, but I'm beginning to wonder if this factory relocation is another Olympus corporate-level blunder. The impact on the past two years' financial statements is significant and if it's also caused loss of focus on key product sectors then someone should be asking difficult questions.
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