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Re: E-M5 Mark 1 plus HLD6 grip etc

Hi there Janet

Alas, my E-M5 is the new generation Micro 4/3 camera Your e520 and e510 are from the previous (4/3) era.

You can use 4/3 lenses on cameras like my E-M5 but you need an Olympus MMF1 or MMF2 adapter and the lens probably won't focus as fast as a Micro 4/3 lens would..


Originally Posted by Janet View Post

I know I'm being thick here, but can I use the lenses I have for my E510 and e520 with this?

Just come home after a day shooting my grandson's first football match - took my e520 out for the first time in nearly a year and came home and dropped it on the floor - I'm absolutely gutted!

My e510 only works intermittently (with the wind in the right direction!) and I don't want to be without a camera whilst I save up for my next big one!

Many thanks,

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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