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Re: The reality is that the e-group needs your help

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
FWIW.....Yes we can and have made donations to keep up a good forum. But I think it might become tedious if you have to remind everyone again in six months when the heat has died down so to speak....

Amongst other strategies, encouragement to make a regular donation, ie monthly via Paypal would suit. After all I regularly donate 8+ to Adobe Lightroom without too much pain.

Secondly I thing the Amazon commission will work well, just need to make it bleedin' obvious to us all. Heck, I buy quite a lot off Amazon and have no problem bleeding them of 5% every time to support the forum.

At the same time, the site should be free to all, and get newcomers into the fold.

I am very happy to support the forum, it is a little Oasis of fun and support..
Thanks! All your points are duly noted

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