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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Johnheatingman View Post
"The rabid, vindictive rage of Remainers now borders on the pathological"

Well worth reading

Well, I'm a Remainer and I don't see myself as being in a rabid, vindictive rage with visceral hatred over Brexit. As for the attacks on Boris Johnson following his speech last week, I've seen some robust responses but nothing of the magnitude implied by reactionary Janet Daley, the author of this article. Jean-Claude Junker firmly defended himself against some of Johnson's opinions and fellow Tory Anna Soubry was typically forthright with this comment, Im afraid to say that Boris has confirmed my very worst fears about him. I dont think hes a very good Foreign Secretary. I think he has on a number of occasions broken collective responsibility. But I think today, he really has hugely lacked the sort of grown-up responsible, sensible approach that we expect from one of the most senior members of our cabinet in the approach to Brexit. It was a very poor, it was actually a pitiful speech and I think a lot of people found it really rather embarrassing.

Strong words, yes, but many would say fair comment and certainly not worthy of Daley's over-sensationalized diatribe. The Torygraph may be less patently ultra right-wing biased than the Daily Fail and more grown up than the Pun, but it is increasingly prone to publishing drivel well below the standards of responsible journalism we have a right to expect from a newspaper with a previously good reputation for accurate and balanced reporting.

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