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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Perhaps because the result of that 1975 referendum was 67 - 33, in other words a convincing victory for one side. Had the 2016 vote produced a similar result I am quite sure it would have been accepted with a lot less argument.
No real argument in-so-far it stops at the 1975 referendum. The big Q then, was to do with entering a single market trading group. This seemed like a simple question that required a simple answer?

Trading within this group, where the conditions of becoming a part of, were beneficial to all. Is it just be possible, that the 67% never seen a future that the 33% saw, a future that became the focus of this last referendum?

I thought the EEC was a simple solution to many of our, and other countries within the then EEC, regards resolving the existing trading issues?

Since moving into the enclosed world of the EU, many, possibly too many things have been added to the mix. Since joining, over the years have we not been duped from day one by all those who made the following ongoing decisions?

IMO: The original negotiations set any future talks by the majority of EU countries to feed the UK negotiators on a strict diet of ‘softly, softly, catchee monkey,’ where we were the monkey.

MT tried and won some concessions but as history proved, the diet had hardly been altered. The last attempt by DC, didn’t help. Neither did his back door exit strategy, which overturned the applecart resulting in having to follow through on an already made decision.

A decision to hold a referendum to come out of a ‘whatever?’ that we were never asked to join. To make a far reaching decision, full of untold future consequences, fed on lies, damn lies and manure.

Several months later, here we are, staggering in complete disarray down the wibbly-wobbly way being continually fed on the original diet of manure but with added MS and PHD connotations.

Just to add fuel to the fire – I still have some chestnuts left over – did the previous 66% get it wrong and the 33% get it right, in that we are where we are after being asked to vote on existing ruling and conditions?

My final Q/- Have the Leave voters got it wrong in an attempt to invoke the get out clause? Or have the Remain voters got it right to remain??? You can ask the audience or phone a friend.

Either way, all the political in-fighting doesn’t help you, me or the country as a whole. But it does help to blast off some steam.

For accurate advice on this riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; send a post-card addressed #10 you know where and to whom.
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