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Re: EM10 Mk 2 upgrade

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
Steve's a back to basics guy Dave. His ideal digital camera has no screen on the rear, has a memory card that fills up after 36 pictures and he won't load the images he takes onto the computer before he's posted the card to a friend and waited a few days for it to be returned! At this stage it's a bonus if all the photos are fogged because he left the memory card on the window ledge for the weekend!
Obviously I was stating with my tongue in cheek, as it were, however there is a serious aspect. A rear LCD screen can be a distraction for certain genres, eg street photography. I know from personal experience that it's so tempting to chimp the last shot and miss the next. I've done it. It takes discipline and I can see the benefit of a swivel screen that can be reversed to impede chimping. Of course you could switch off the screen, but it means more button presses to make it operational again. But it goes further than this, that being all the information displayed in the viewfinder, again a real distraction.

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