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Re: Macro question

Originally Posted by SkinHead View Post
Hi everyone,
i am new to this forum and consider myself a photo hobbyist. apart from the E-510 and 2 kit lenses(14-42mm and 40-150mm), i also have the 70-300mm lens. i am contemplating on buying a macro lens however i dont know which one yet...
i am looking to buy the Sigma 18-50mm f2.8. i know its a macro but is this a macro in the truest sense? i have been going through a lot of reviews on macro lenses and they are all single focal length lenses which makes sense as they are intended solely for that purpose. but pictures taken by the sigma were mostly wide and close-ups but no macro shots(havent found one). i have also read that this is a considerably fast lens and a good all rounder as well.
has anyone have any experience using this lens?
would this be a good choice to add to my equipment or should i go for the proper macros?
You have the 70-300 lens already as do I. I use an achromatic screw-on lens, made by Sigma, which gives good performance when used with the 70-300 lens.

The added advantage is that you end up with a zoom Macro. The setup gives a minimum and max focussing distance (focussing window for want of a better expression) for each focal length. This enables you to focus from a distance without disturbing the subject.

Originally Posted by Ellie View Post
Ah! Maybe this is the place to ask my question, because this is something I find rather confusing.

Can somebody explain, and if possibly show with pictures, what the difference is between a picture taken with a 50mm lens and a 50mm "macro" lens please. I suppose it would need to be of exactly the same thing, taken from exactly the same position.

Also, why would you (anybody) need a dedicated 50mm lens if you've already got a zoom lens that covers the same - 40-150mm for example - or should it be obvious?
The problem with the standard lenses is the minimum focussing distance as I understand it. I have another question. If the efl is 2 times does that not mean that a 2:1 Macro on the 4/3 system is the equivalent of 1:1 for a full frame camera?

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