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Re: Forum upgrade advanced notice and planning

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Basically we are updating to vBulletin Connect 5. This does have improved in-post photo capabilities. We do encourage people to use our own gallery area of course as photos only posted in the forum are likely to be seen only briefly while in the gallery they remain more accessible for longer. But there does have to be a better balance and I can't expect everyone to use the gallery all of the time so that is one aim of the upgrade.

I am a member of another forum (also using vbulletin) and in post photo uploads there are always criticised as lacking sharpness. I would hope that this has been improved on the latest release. Incidentally there are some occasions where a post will have little relevance outside the thread to which it refers and in-post capability would be very suitable for these.

Incidentally what is the forum policy on posting into this gallery but linking into another forum? I have always assumed that would be bad manners and useing your bandwidth needlessly but as a result my Flickr account has got rather muddled!
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