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Re: Is C-AF actually improved with v3.0?

The camera has done pretty well there.
What I can't get my head around is that you have got that but when I shot horses jumping at a very local event the E-M1 with 40-150 Pro attached would lose focus or fail to hold focus on a horse going at only a very slow canter or even just trotting on a bright sunny day in both landscape and horizontal mode. When the focus worked the quality was great but many were not really in sharp focus and some times it would lose focus completely once to the extent that the subject was not even recognizable and this the next frame to a pin sharp shot. I reckon about 1 in 5 were really sharp. A horse and rider on fairly frame filling shots is not a small difficult target. Not motion blur I hasten to add, I was using a high shutter speed of 1000th sec or faster. A friend next to me was shooting on an ancient Nikon which nailed every shot. That is when I decided to go back to my Canon gear for action photography much to my regret because if the C-AF of the Olympus was really up to scratch the Olympus would be the perfect system for me. It is fine now for everything else such a shame it has this one, for me, enormous drawback.
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