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Re: Is C-AF actually improved with v3.0?

Originally Posted by brian1208 View Post
Dave, nope, the 70-300 CX was part-exed for the Oly 12-40 f2.8 and the remaining bits have been passed on to the family

I have sorted what my problem with EM-1 CAF was (poor memory mainly ) I had forgotten that the EM-1 PDAF sensors are linear not cross type so shooting things like small fast moving BIF using CAF is not going to be too hot in landscape mode, but the moment I switched to portrait mode - what an improvement"

I spent a while giving it a real work out yesterday evening, trying to lock on House Martins charging about the sky at considerable distance feeding on gnats.

Over 50+ shots I was getting good lock-on in 60% - 70% of the frames (the martins occupied around 2% of frame area, so much so, I could hardly see what it locked on sometimes )

That will do me

I just need to wait patiently for the free grip to arrive as using the camera in portrait mode without it feels clumsy.

Thanks for the tip. Even though I don't really understand how AF would be improved in portrait mode for such a subject. Is it because of the outline having mostly horizontal features? (wings and body).

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