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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

lets be honest folks, life is all about trade.If we have a facility on the board to buy and sell then there will be a distribution of users in that section from those who spend a lot of effort making a small profit to those who buy the odd item at what they are happy to pay.
This is a relatively small board so we kinda trust each other when it comes to transactions at present, but it will outgrow that if the status quo persists.
the one of least effort is to close all transactions
you could make all transactions be out in the open. This requires the mods to patrol the pm's in some way
an Ebay style where users are openly shown to be trading and how much trade they have done. Lot of work and kind of gets away from the point of the board...but do you have it as a facility?
... while the majority of members will use the what ever you have in place within the spirit intended there will be those who will push the limits.
I know several people who 'wheel and deal' on auction sites as a hobby to make a little money on the side so as with Facebook and Twitter the practice is mainstream.

And to declare: I have not sold on this board. I have bought several items from this board
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