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Re: Jessops to go into administration?

Originally Posted by Simon Bee View Post
Not me if I can bloody well help it !

My family have been retailing in Bridgend County since 1872 and I have been running my "Traditional, good old fashioned Ironmonger's ( hardware store to our US / Canadian friends ) since 1995 . We offer "proper" service, sound advice, quality products most of which are cheaper than the likes of B&Q ( Home Depot ) and a huge and diverse range, all with 'family business values' ../quote]

Good for you, Simon.

We have a fantastic quirky hardware store in Morpeth, John Smailes & Son which for years was run by aged spinster Smailes sisters. They would have lost their inheritance if they'd married. Young Miss Smailes was in her 80's when I arrived in Morpeth.

They have EVERYTHING on their 3 floors, line dancing boots, furniture, china, muslin, fishing tackle, wellies, grapefruit spoons, onion setts, whitworth nuts & bolts, lilo repair kits, large plastic gorillas, persian rugs, bottles of "Barmans Friend", Vim, the things that go on the back of the bit on the bottom of the thingy and all tools known to man. After a flood in the late 60's they were checking their stock and found a box of spats. I suspect they'd be able to knap you a flint scraper.

These shops are the opposite of Jessops and should have listed business status. I love them. And, most importantly, use them.
Thank you John,

It sounds as though you have a great Ironmonger/Hardware store near you too

I may 'only' be in my late 40's but I remember when our village had two greengrocers, two butchers, a bakery, a sweet ( candy ) shop,a newsagent, a shoe shop, and a sports shop. All are gone now .... 'killed off' by the big supermarkets that are within a five mile radius ? No ( although they didn't help ), killed off by the locals who didn't support them

If 1/3rd of the village population supported those small stores they would still be trading today. And who are usually the first to complain when the small store has closed ? Yep ... the villagers who NEVER used the store ..... "Oh have you heard, the bakery has closed, that's such a shame" .... to me yes but to you .....really ? Then why did you never buy a loaf of bread there ? ....." U'mmm , well I thought they would be too expensive, I guess I will have to jump in my car and drive a few miles to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread now. You know it looks quite shabby with all these empty shops, what this village needs is a shoe shop, maybe a Deli, or a butchers." .........HELLO ! It had them and maybe if you had supported them they would still be here now

OK, rant over, and John regarding your last paragraph ..... spot on, "Use them of lose them !" it is as simple as that.

Regards Simon
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