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Re: Kenko m4/3 extension tubes

Originally Posted by timg View Post
Digging up an old thread...

Pete, I just wondered if you'd ever tried the extension tubes along with the 12-50mm in macro mode? (assuming you have that lens!)

No, sorry I don't have that lens (but if someone was to post me one I would gladly test it )

Generally zoom lenses don't mix well with extension tubes, however the 12-50 does have a macro mode so maybe it will be OK.

I tried them on the 14-54 and the 14-45 but the results were not great. Quite often the focus distance is actually inside the lens... they are OK on the 45mm if you stop it down enough, surprisingly good on the 40-150 tele zoom and they're also fine on a purpose designed macro lenses like the Tamron SP90mm.

They get my thumbs up provided you use them with the right lens.

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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