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Re: 4th E-Group Photo Challenge The Entries - Vote now!!

Hmmm, tricky situation howver... I have spoken to Garrie about this, and 1stly I'd like to apologise to him for any stress he has experienced as a result of this. After all, come on... it's a fun challenge folks, and we want to encourage entrants to submit, and the winners to set and run new challenges, we certainly don't want these people to experience any stress related to these fun challenges. Let's not give the challenge organiser any grief over this yeah... it's all about taking pics and fun...

So, what I think we will do here is at the moment we will continue with this challenge as it stands, and possibly revise the rules for the next challenge. This might be different if there's a prize at stake, or if there were money offered, but it's all fun and light hearted photo taking. I will review this position tomorrow given any replies that are posted here, and we may then decide to close the current competition and announce the winner.

What I must also point out, and I do this entirely genuinely, is that one of the images in question is mine. I obviously made a mistake in saving my image without EXIF embedded despite doing what I thought was the right way of doing it, and I take full responsibility for this error. I can assure everyone that the image was taken on my E-3, just two weeks ago. So, the rock and hard place scenario is in place here and, knowing that I lose anonymity if you know which is my image, I still feel I should mention this. My submission is #11 - Colours of the Night, and so knowing this, if you don't wish to vote for mine then this is absolutely fine. I will also state that even though I will keep the image in the challenge, it now is not able to have a placing.

There... please remember though folks that this is only a fun challenge and is meant to encourage members to get out there and take photos. There's no prizes at stake, or money at stake, so let's keep it a bit of fun OK.



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