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Old 13th September 2019
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Focus Stacking

You know what its like, you think you have got a app cracked, then suddenly they change the rules a bit, and you can no longer do the biz..

Focus bracketing comes in that category for me...……..

1. How does one decide on the number of photos to bracket?

2. How does one decide on the focus differential?

3. Where does one start the focus position?

When I was able to use it successfully, I just used the default settings, and focused on the nearest point of the object, be it a dragonfly of flower...…

Does not seem to work for me anymore. I have to confess that I rarely use a tripod. Generally I am using the 300mm Pro + 1.4 TC. If stacking does not get done in the camera (because I am wobbling a bit too much), I can usually get Photoshop to do the stacking later...……….


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