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Re: Geared Steam Locomotives

I had heard of them but have never seen one. I don't think they were ever used on main lines in the UK; more in quarries, coal mines and suchlike, and I suspect the gears would wear fairly quickly too.

I am actually surprised that a single engine would get enough traction on steel rails to make use of gears.

I have a particular fascination with the old Stainmore line which ran from Darlington to Tebay across the Pennines, and actually ran parallel to the A66 for several miles. At 1,370' (418 metres) Stainmore summit was one of the highest railways in the country until it closed in 1962, and had very long and steep gradients on both sides of the Pennines. The line carried mainly heavy mineral trains, so they used two locomotives at the front and an uncoupled 'banking' engine at the rear to help push rains up the hill.

I will try to find some photographs.

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